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Play MAX DIRT BIKE Online – Addicting Games

Instructions: Arrow keys
Addicting Games – MAX DIRT BIKE:

Description: A concussion is your best friend. Do your best to get the biker through alive.

Up/Down arrows for gas/brake
Left/Right arrows to balance

your objective is to complete each of the 19 obstacle courses in the fastest time possible. You will need to maintain a delicate balance for your rider throughout the game to avoid crashing. If you do crash, you get to start the level over again and you can start over as many times as you need to. Max Dirtbike plays very much like Dirtbike Game but without the fancy graphics. The major difference with Max Dirt Bike though, and one thing that fans of the game love, is that it is easier to play and much more simple. Many of the early courses can be completed in less than 10 seconds and the courses don’t really get longer, just more difficult. This short-and-sweet approach is part of the great fun of Max Dirtbike. We listed all the level cheat codes below for easy reference in case you want to skip right to a level.

Ride your bike over different types of objects and obstacles to pass each level in the fastest time as possible. Control your Dirt Bike with the arrow keys and avoid crashes. Have fun with Max Dirt Bike and do your best to get the biker through alive!