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Play SNOWBOARD STUNT Online – Addicting Games

Instructions: keyboard control only
Addicting Games – SNOWBOARD STUNT:

Description: You have got three kickers ahead of you in this snowboard stunt game. You have to jump at the right time to to get as much air as possible and then perform various tricks to earn points. Press spacebar to jump, left arrow to tail grab, right arrow to nose grap, down arrow to do a 360 turn and an up arrow for a backflip. Combine tricks to get as many points as possible. best of luck in this snowboard stunt game.

Earn as many points as you can by getting air in your jump as you negotiate 3 kickers and performing various combo stunts.

Snowboard Stunts is a Winter Sports Game. The objective of this game is to do as many tricks possible in mid air. Also try to be stylish and not repetitive. To achieve this, try to jump at the edge of the ramp to get more airtime. There are red bars as indicators so try to jump at the last possible second. Be careful not to jump too late. Also if you haven’t finished a trick before you land you will crash.


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